MTP still bad, weekend viewing confirms

I watched Meet the Press for the first time in years this weekend, entirely because my friend and colleague Jon Ralston was to be a guest in the roundtable segment. Jon — host of daily TV show Ralston Reports on KSNV Channel 3 here in Las Vegas — did a great job as always, even if he did have to share screen time with “press” such as this one guy from the Heritage Foundation’s blog and an ex-Barack Obama flack turned political consultant. Ah, balance.

Before the roundtable, however, I found Meet the Press had not improved in the years since the sudden death of former host Tim Russert. We switched from a White House official dodging host David Gregory‘s questions about the Russian invasion of a sovereign nation to dodging questions about the president’s popularity rating. Really? We’re one bullet away from a hot war in Crimea — but let’s not forget how the president’s poll numbers impact this story?!

In case you don’t believe me, here are a few of the questions posted on the Meet the Press Facebook page this weekend:

  • Will President Obama be an asset or a liability for Democrats in November?
  • Will Democrats or Republicans gain the upper hand in the midterm elections this year?
  • Would President Obama ever delay the individual mandate in#Obamacare?
Actually, that last question isn’t too bad, if one only added the missing second, third and fourth: “…and does he really have the constitutional authority to do so? And is the Affordable Care Act the law of the land, or is it not? Because if it is, why are we not getting on with implementing it?”
I did, however, enjoy the interview segment with comedian Bill Maher, and his helpful reminder that the problems associated with the Affordable Care Act arise not from too much socialism, but from too much capitalism. Amen.
So, congrats to my friend Jon and to Maher for seizing upon the Sunday morning airwaves and making them temporarily worthwhile. Would that would happen more often!


One Response to “MTP still bad, weekend viewing confirms”

  1. Steve says:

    Are you suggesting MTP needs a new host and possibly providing a recommendation for their consideration?

    I agree it was a good job by our local guy. Nice to see Jon Ralston up there with Kyle, Kurt, the Killers, Danny Count Koker with Counts 77 and Brenden Gaughn to name a few local people who have made the spot lite from our little town.