Ballot Quest V: Search for Victory Continues!

Remember a couple of years ago when then state Sen. Steven Horsford defeated Danny Tarkanian 50 percent to 42 percent in the race for the newly created 4th Congressional District?

I could have sworn that Tarkanian said that he was done with politics after that race. (And it would only make sense, because he’d run unsuccessfully for secretary of state, state Senate, and U.S. Senate, racking up a string of losses along the way.)

Oh, wait. He did say he was done. According to the Review-Journal, Tarkanian said this following his loss to Horsford:

Tarkanian also said he is getting out of politics: “My family and I are going to step out away from it and move on with our lives.”

But today, his family and he stepped right back into it, as Tarkanian filed to run for the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents District 2, currently represented by Regent Robert Blakely. Attorney Trevor Hayes is also seeking the seat.

Danny Tarkanian files for university regent in photos posted by wife Amy Tarkanian on Twitter.

There was some slight confusion on Twitter, as Amy Tarkanian — Danny Tarkanian’s wife and the former chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party — said, “Excited to have filed for NV Board of Regents District 2.” But she later clarified it was Danny Tarkanian who had filed — and posted the photos to prove it.

So, with the fourth time be the charm? Has Danny Tarkanian finally found an office with a district of sufficient geographic compactness to win? Could this be the start of a comeback tour that could see him run again for statewide office? Or will circumstances (and voters) cause him to step out away from it once more? Stay tuned!

One Response to “Ballot Quest V: Search for Victory Continues!”

  1. Steve says:

    How many times did Ronald Reagan run for his first public office?

    How many times did Jimmy Carter run for his first office?

    In these things it is, surprisingly, not that much different from becoming a Hollywood star or a successful small business owner.

    So how about giving those small business owners a break…Hollywood is digging their own hole they can sleep in, leave the little guys alone…@ Margins tax sucks, stop supporting it!