Krolicki is just too nice

Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki

Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki is nothing if not the consummate politician.

Krolicki, now locked in a battle with Dallas (and, ostensibly, six other states) for the privilege of hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention, is relentlessly upbeat about the myriad and manifest advantages of Las Vegas. He’s more than willing to talk about the easy access to the city via McCarran International Airport, the availability of hotel rooms, the excellent dining and entertainment opportunities, and the ease of getting around, to say nothing of the city’s experience in hosting big gatherings.

But when it comes to trash talking the competition, well, Krolicki is just too nice to do it.

“I don’t think there’s a better city in the world to host a convention. This is what we do,” Krolicki said, according to the Review-Journal‘s Laura Myers. “I wish the other cities well, but we have the infrastructure to do this like no other city. … We’re all in and we’re excited.”

What? He wishes the other cities well? Shouldn’t he be wishing they fall flat on their faces?

True story: He does. He just can’t say that. I mean, how would it look if our state’s lieutenant governor broke bad, Bullworth-style, and started trash-talking the other competitors like he was some kind of irreverent newspaper columnist? Can you see Krolicki saying something like this:

“Are you KIDDING me? Seriously? Denver? Oh, yeah, that’s great. Let’s go to where they legalized pot and nominated Barack Obama. Awesome Republican image there. Phoenix? Where they pass all those bills hating on Mexicans and gays? Great for the party, really. Kansas City? Why the hell are they even on this list? Because of the Koch Brothers? Sheldon Adelson could buy and sell the Koch Brothers! And those cities in Ohio? Have you been to Ohio? Have you seen the desperation in their eyes? They are dying to get out of Ohio and come to a fun place like Vegas! They are praying they LOSE so they can come here! And Dallas? Really? Like we don’t have enough to worry about with Rick Perry showing up and saying two stupid things because he forgot the third one? This is a NO BRAINER! Why do I even have to get on a plane and explain this to anyone?!”

Yeah, I can’t picture that, either (although it would be awesome).

Krolicki actually won’t be getting on a plane today; bad weather in Washington, D.C. delayed flights for some of the cities to make their pitch to the Republican National Committee’s site selection committee. (See, even Mother Nature thinks Las Vegas having to pitch itself is unnecessary.) Las Vegas, Dallas and Cincinnati’s pitch meetings have been rescheduled for March 21.



One Response to “Krolicki is just too nice”

  1. Steve says:

    “Sheldon Adelson could buy and sell the Koch Brothers!”

    And yet, Sheldon Adelson simply cannot get anywhere near the same “love” from you guys! It’s always Koch, Koch, Koch evil evil evil,,,unless their money is going to support PBS programs…then its all quiet on the lib front with a whispered “maybe we shouldn’t trust that show anymore…”

    Libs can be such haters.