Las Vegas makes the finals (of course)!

Las Vegas is one of the eight cities selected as finalists for the 2016 Republican convention, GOP national Chairman Reince Priebus announced via Twitter today.

We’re up against some tough political competition, however. Dallas is on the list, as are three cities from the political plumb state of Ohio, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus. Other cities are Denver, Kansas City and Phoenix.

The announcement is a victory for Las Vegas 2016, the non-profit group tasked with making the pitch to the Republican National Committee to pick Las Vegas for the convention. If ultimately chosen, it would be the first time a political convention has been held here.

Officials have been touting Las Vegas’s ability to host a political convention with ease, thanks to an abundance of hotel rooms, transportation infrastructure and the other amenities available in and near Las Vegas, including golf and shows. This week, it was announced that the Las Vegas Convention Center will be the site of the gathering if Las Vegas is chosen.

Next up: Site visits to each of the cities that made the finalist list. Time to shine, Las Vegas!



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    I posted this earlier and now its gone?

    I think the Tesla battery factory has a better future but we can always hope!

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