Run scared and take nothing for granted

Nevada's 1st Congressional District

Rep. Dina Titus is in such a safe district, she could see every single active Republican voter and every single active non-partisan voter team up to vote against her, and she’d still win.

She’s in such a safe district (52.8 percent Democrat, 23.7 percent Republican and 17.8 percent non-partisan) that she could lose up to 26,065 of her own Democratic base, and still beat the combined strength of the Republicans and the non-partisans put together.

But that didn’t stop Titus from holding a lovefest news conference at the Latin Chamber of Commerce today, with Hispanic leaders from business and elected office turning out in force to announce their unqualified support for “Todos con Titus,” (all with Titus).

From Assembly members to state senators to city councilmen such as Las Vegas’s Bob Coffin and North Las Vegas’s Issac Baron, they all lined up to praise Titus, who recently drew a Latino Republican opponent, attorney Jose Padilla. Padilla told the Review-Journal‘s Laura Myers earlier this month that he hoped his ethnic heritage and up-from-poverty story would attract working-class voters. (The 1st Congressional District has a population that’s one-third Latino.)

But if Monday’s turnout was any indication, many in the Latino community have already made up their minds, for Titus.

“Dina is the example of what a public servant is,” said Assemblywoman Lucy Flores. State Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis said, “She’s always been there for our community,” adding that “we’ve adopted her into the Hispanic community.” And state Sen. Ruben Kiuhen, who once entertained thoughts of running for the district himself before dropping out in favor of Titus, said he looked forward to campaigning with her.

“I just feel at home here,” Titus said in the Latin Chamber’s conference room. “Always call me, always advise me,” she told the crowd of supporters.

Asked if she was nervous about her Republican foe — even in a district so overwhelmingly Democratic — Titus said she was leaving nothing to chance. Her news release listing the membership of “Todos con Titus” includes not only elected officials, but business leaders (El Mundo publisher Eddie Escobedo, Jr., consultant Andres Ramirez, NV Energy Senior Vice President Tony Sanchez, attorney Cisco Aguillar, UNLV’s Luiz Valera, immigration activist Astrid Silva, and Latin Chamber President Otto Merida, a Republican who’s nonetheless backing Titus).

Titus said her list of priorities for the district was large, but that immigration reform was among the top jobs. She dodged a question about whether Democrats would settle for the latest Republican offering — a pathway to “legal status,” but not full citizenship — saying “I’m still fighting strong for comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship, not legalization.”




3 Responses to “Run scared and take nothing for granted”

  1. Steve says:

    I would hate to listen to her speak Spanish with that thick south Texas accent!


  2. Dina Titus says:

    I am from Georgia, not Texas, but have lived in Las Vegas since 1977. How is your Spanish?

  3. Steve says:

    no se puede, yo no trabajo aqui

    Good enough to answer the questions of the illegals in the area. Good enough to know when to smile at them when they are talking about me.

    OK Georgia then, doesn’t change much because the accent comes off as forced and I still don’t want to hear the Spanish it produces!

    I’ve been here since 83 and my wife has been here since 67.

    BTW, no website in your post? For shame. Your campaign manager would be disappointed if you weren’t in a locked up district.