A slap in the face

Rep. Joe Heck

If anything, Rep. Joe Heck is being kind in this remark from Facebook, reacting to news that Afghan President Hamid Karzi has released 65 Taliban enemy combatants:

I am shocked and angered that after all our country has done for Afghanistan and its people Hamid Karzai would unilaterally release known enemy combatants who have engaged in hostilities against the United States and even killed American service members. The men and women of our armed forces have sacrificed greatly over 12 years of combat in Afghanistan and this outrageous decision marks a new low in US-Afghan relations. If Karzai wants to ensure a stable Afghanistan, it will take cooperation with the US and its allied partners. Releasing enemy combatants with suspected ties to the Taliban will only erase gains made and further escalate unrest in the region.

What Karzi has done is a slap in the face to the United States and every person who has set foot in Afghanistan, liberating it from oppressive Taliban rule, rooting out a safe haven for al-Qaida and trying to establish a functioning government.

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry should treat this as a most egregious affront to our country and ensure that there are repercussions for Karzi. Trying to make peace with the Taliban will not work; it will just bring back the days when art, music and unaccompanied women in public were banned.

This is an outrage and a disgrace.


2 Responses to “A slap in the face”

  1. Susan says:

    On March 17 2011, the House of Representatives voted on House Concurrent Resolution 28, legislation that if passed would have forced an end to the decade-old war in Afghanistan Joe Heck voted against end the war.

  2. Steve says:

    Agreed. Joe Heck was being nice. And he voted properly to stay in that theater.

    I do not make that statement lightly, my brother was in Afghanistan for a tour of duty.

    I feel he would appreciate the sentiment.