Another Mount Reagan?

If you thought the battle to name a mountain peak after former President Ronald Reagan was dead, you don’t know Chuck Muth! The conservative activist has been trying for years to get something named for Reagan in Nevada, part of The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project begun by Muth mentor Grover Norquist. (Currently, Nevada has no Reagan landmarks.)

Muth was well into the process of renaming the top of Frenchman’s Mountain for Reagan when Rep. Dina Titus stepped in, introducing a bill to name the peak for former Democratic Lt. Gov. Maude Frazier, a UNLV pioneer. The bill trumped years of Muthian efforts.

But now, Muth is back, and this time, he’s got an ally, in the person of Rep. Joe Heck. Heck has introduced a bill to name a nearby, albeit smaller, peak for Reagan.

Muth says he ran into Titus at a basketball game and she told him to pick another mountain, which he did. But I’m pretty sure Titus meant “pick another mountain, in another state and move there while you’re at it, buddy!” (Historical fun fact: Muth once ran for state Senate against Titus as a political exercise, and lost badly.)

Muth told the Review-Journal he hasn’t been to the top of the new, shorter mountain, the way he hiked to the top of Frenchman. “It’s shorter. I don’t know if it’s any easier for us old guys,” he said. “I still think I want to be helicoptered up to the top.”

Heh. Just like John Sununu, right? (Sick 1980s scandal burn!)

Anyway, Heck’s bill is notable in that if it passes, it could actually double the number of bills passed by the current Congress, reported to be the least-productive, most-deadlocked in recent history. Only kidding. They have to pass another bill first. And we know that won’t be an extension of unemployment insurance, comprehensive immigration reform or even a debt-ceiling bill without concessions from Democrats.

What would Reagan say? Probably, “nice work!”







One Response to “Another Mount Reagan?”

  1. Steve says:

    Um, no. Sunrise Mountain will always be Sunrise Mountain. This too, is simply wrong.
    Nellis Dunes would be a fitting place to commemorate Ronald Reagan. And it is visited daily by many who like the presidents legacy. In fact Nellis Dunes may be the last bit of symbolic freedom left in this pile of urban glass and steel.