Don’t hate Hutch because of the HB!

Welcome to paradise...

One of the questions Nevada Democrats suggested for Republican lieutenant governor candidate and state Sen. Mark Hutchison is this: How many vacation homes do you have?

The correct answer, according to Hutchison’s financial disclosure form filed with the secretary of state’s office, is two: One in Brian Head, Utah, and one in the great city of Huntington Beach, Calif.

Now, I don’t know jack about Utah, but I do know a thing or two about Huntington Beach, having grown up in that city. And I will be first in line to defend Hutchison’s choice of vacation destination. Don’t hate on Hutch because he’s got great tastes in where to get away from it all!

In fact, Hutchison’s getaway isn’t an extravagant, sprawling estate, such as those located near the SeaCliff Country Club. He’s not donning a white hat and blue blazer — Captain and Tennille-style! — by shacking up in tony Huntington Harbor and joining the Huntington Harbor Yacht Club. And with homes just up the road in Newport Beach, Corona del Mar and Irvine easily fetching $1 million or more, Hutchison’s newish tract home– with a value of $781,000, according to the Orange County, Calif., assessor’s office — is downright modest!

The Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa, in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Hutchison’s home is in a relatively new development located near the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa, which is just over Pacific Coast Highway from the beach. It’s not far from where I spent many an hour in my youth soaking up the rays and playing in the surf. In fact, my parents still live not far from Hutchison’s vacation getaway.

I’ve never been one to criticize politicians for displays of wealth. (It’s more likely I’d criticize wealthy politicians for faux displays of common-man humility.) Hutchison earned his money the hard way, by attending law school and working as an attorney. He didn’t break any laws in building his fortune. So if wants to buy a vacation house in one of the most beautiful cities in one of the greatest states in the country, well, good for him. To be totally honest, if I ever hit it rich, I’d do the exact same thing.

Hey, maybe I’ll see him on the beach someday!



2 Responses to “Don’t hate Hutch because of the HB!”

  1. Steve says:

    Utah is beautiful. I own five acres in the mountains and choose to go there over any puss pocket of glass, steel, glitz and thieves any day.

    Brian head is a choice place for a cabin. Hutch is showing real taste in selecting a get away location.

    I’ve been to HB, OB and a bunch of other southern CA beaches. None compare to Florida on the gulf.
    Plus Southern CA is simply way to crowded. I will take Utah over California any day. Even northern rural California, pretty as it is (I have driven all over the rural Chico area) does not stack up to Utah.

  2. Dave says:

    It’s good that we have choices, and as Steve mentioned, yes Utah is beautiful and for those that choose to have a nice secluded vacation in the wide open spaces, it truly cant be beat. Though I now live in Illinois, I am from Huntington Beach. Yes, Huntington Beach is crowdwd and it definitely has a different feel that that slow secluded vacation in Utah, both are truly an awesome places. As many, I choose the lifestyle of the many things that Souther California offers. Huntington has 20 miles of unspoiled white sand beach, it is only a couple hours from the mountains, and the deserts. One can have a multiple venue vacation staying there, and few places offer that variety. We take what pleases us, and it is the way of this country, our freedom to choose, and the individual enjoyment for all! Peace everyone, and to our great country!