Government-hater sad to see what’s happening to government

Sean Hannity

Fox News commentator Sean Hannity took to the radio today to lament the sad, sorry drop in the polls for President Barack Obama, and what it means for America. It’s not just that Obama is seeing the lowest job-approval rating numbers in his presidency, Hannity said. It’s that the numbers show a depressing loss of faith in the United States government itself.

There’s a lot to unpack there. Look past the obvious — the health-care insurance law that Hannity hated and did his best to campaign against for years, before and after it passed Congress, is simply not working! Instead of being outraged, shouldn’t Hannity be overjoyed? This is the evil law that he says will destroy America. Shouldn’t he be afraid that it will work?

But the real irony is this: Eroding confidence in the United States government should be the motto for Hannity’s show! He spends 260 days a year on the radio telling his listeners that the government is incompetent, too big and coming for their money and guns. And then he’s saddened and depressed because Obama has flubbed the kickoff of the Affordable Care Act? Really? Those tears look suspiciously like they came from a crocodile.




One Response to “Government-hater sad to see what’s happening to government”

  1. Steve says:

    You can try and try to warm people when things are going bad but after attempting to send the messages sometimes you just have to let people fail.

    It does not bring joy when the warnings are shown true, it does bring sadness and the “I told you so” is not really satisfying when the effects of the failure concern large numbers of people.

    Your true nature shines through, you would be jumping for joy if those warnings were shown to be false.

    Instead you call croc tears…