No ‘game day guns’ a compromise on concealed weapons

In the 2011 session of the Nevada Legislature, a bill to allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry their guns onto Nevada System of Higher Education campuses passed the Senate, but died in the Assembly Judiciary Committee. This year, an almost exact duplicate has been introduced in that very committee.

Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, R-Las Vegas, is sponsoring a bill to allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry guns on college campuses.

Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, R-Las Vegas, said she struggled when drafting Assembly Bill 143, because she doesn’t agree with a key exception: the provision that bans concealed weapons from athletic events in venues that can seat 1,000 people or more.

Although that provision was amended into the 2011 bill after much debate (it was thought that the consumption of alcohol and ready access to firearms was a bad combination) Fiore says she didn’t agree. Concealed weapons permit holders are generally responsible enough to avoid intoxication while carrying, she said.

“I personally disagree with that [provision],” Fiore said today. “I’m compromising on that. That portion of the bill is so people don’t do a Tom Collins.”

Fiore was referring to an incident in which an allegedly drunken Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins fired several rounds from a .40-caliber Sig Sauer pistol at a tree stump on his North Las Vegas property. He pled no contest to the crime, paid a fine and surrendered his weapon to authorities. (And was handily re-elected to his post in November!)

Fiore says most gun owners are not like that. “I’m extremely cautious where I carry my firearm,” said Fiore, who is well-known for being armed and for her advocacy of gun rights. She said if she anticipates consuming alcohol, she doesn’t carry her weapon.

But leaving the 2011 amended language in the bill will torpedo one of the key arguments against it, Fiore said. “I’m being respectful and thoughtful and showing an area of compromise.”

The compromise, however, may not sit well with gun rights advocates, who believe restrictions on carrying weapons only serve to disarm potential victims and advertise the fact they are not armed. The implication of the restriction — that gun owners aren’t responsible when it comes to firearms and drinking — will also irk some.

And whether that compromise will help the bill’s chances remain to be seen. AB 143 is co-sponsored by five lawmakers who sit on the 12-member Judiciary Committee (they are Assembly members Jim Wheeler, R-Minden; Paul Anderson, R-Las Vegas; Ira Hansen, R-Sparks; Richard Carrillo, D-Las Vegas, Wesley Duncan, R-Las Vegas, and James Ohrenschall, D-Las Vegas). With Fiore’s vote, that’s fully half the committee.

A hearing on the bill is expected later in the session.


11 Responses to “No ‘game day guns’ a compromise on concealed weapons”

  1. Carolyn Robins says:

    I’m horrified that with all of the discussion of gun regulations going on in this country, Fiore thinks it’s just fine to pass legislation allowing guns on campus. She even thought it would be okay at athletic events, but agreed to compromise on that issue. She’s the kind of backwards thinking assembly person we need to vote out of office. Guns in the hands of students, many of whom are immature, is a bad idea.

  2. Steve says:

    The event exception could be called the European Soccer (Futbal) fan exception. I could see a few of those “adults” causing trouble at one of those events. But adults with CCW’s are smarter and could be counted on for clearheaded reaction at an event on campus. It could be argued at an event of that nature law enforcement would be onsite and ready but I still think I would like one or two of those CCW’s around.

    Wow Carolyn, its a good idea to provide a gun free zone for those who would like to go crazy with some kind of weapon? Just one CCW at this incident would have made a huge difference.

  3. Steve says:

    MR. Sebelius, this should have been your Op Ed piece today.

  4. Carolyn, a person must be 21 years old or older in order to apply for a concealed weapons permit in the state of Nevada. Stats show the largest group of CCW permit holders, by age, are 51-62 year olds. The minority of CCW permit holders are between 21-32 years old.

  5. Mr Ed says:

    Arizona got rid of the CCW stuff about 9 months ago and you just carry the gun concealed with no permit. The haven’t been any problems, the ccw stuff is a waste of time and money.

  6. Steve says:

    Along with Vermont and Alaska, concealed carry for registered gun owners is the rule in Arizona, good call Mr talking horse.

    BTW I have a picture, where’s yours?

  7. Dalton Griffith says:

    As a current student at UNLV, I am elated to see that some of our elected representatives are taking the initiative to afford Nevada System of Higher Education students the right to protect themselves. It makes absolutely no practical sense to restrict law-abiding citizens from carrying a licensed concealed weapon on university property. If an individual wanted to inflict mass casualties on UNLV students, there is nothing preventing them from doing so tomorrow. To put it simply, he or she can walk on campus with a backpack full of weapons and no one would be any the wiser.

    I fully support our University Police Department and personnel, but even they have to admit that they can’t protect me if someone walks in my class tomorrow with a gun. I’m confident that they would eventually apprehend or disable my killer, but nonetheless I would be dead along with my classmates.

    In an attempt to emphasize this last point, I ask you the reader to seriously consider this: Without giving his name any more publicity than it already has, Police arrived at Virginia Tech 15 minutes after the initial shooting in the dormitory. Police found the shooters body almost 2.5 hours later only after he shot his own brains out. That is an incredibly long time when someone is trying to kill you.

    The only way that I can ensure my personal safety, to a certain degree, is by being armed.

  8. Mr Ed says:

    I can not work a camera with my hoofs

  9. Steve says:

    Ah I see, Mr Sebelius, the board wanted it for themselves today.

  10. Mr Ed says:

    Rumors on the Net say TOO SHORT was in the Range ROver. With cameras and witnesses in the Aria, why doesn’t the media report on what people there saw? Is the media a part of the police department? or the casino industry?

  11. Steve says:

    Yep, Ed Horse is on this one.

    According to his FB page he completely denies even being in Vegas.

    Too Short? Where does one start with an opening line like that? We could go with envy or “hows the weather up there?” or Napoleon Complex,,,much?