Brooks: ‘I’m innocent’

Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks, D-North Las Vegas

Assemblyman Steven Brooks, D-North Las Vegas, who was arrested over the weekend and charged with making threats of physical violence against fellow Democrat, Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, declared in a brief telephone interview today that “I’m innocent.”

Brooks spoke to me for just a couple of minutes before hanging up his phone. Attempts to reach him again were unsuccessful.

“I’m innocent,” Brooks declared, adding. “Marilyn wants to kill me.” When asked if he was speaking literally or metaphorically, he continued: “Any person who abuses their power and throws somebody in jail wants to kill me.”

Brooks mused aloud about changing political parties and said he was surrounded by family and friends. He then said he he would travel to Carson City tomorrow, apparently to take part in a budget meeting pursuant to his membership on the Assembly Ways & Means Committee. Brooks, who was first elected in 2010, wanted to become chairman of that powerful panel and supported Assemblyman William Horne, D-Las Vegas, for speaker. But Kirkpatrick got the votes and the top job, and instead appointed former state senator-turned-Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton to the job.

Brooks also declared he would hold a news conference, but provided no details. Then he repeated, “This is Steven Brooks. I am innocent,” before disconnecting the call.

Brooks’s behavior has raised concerns among his legislative colleagues before he allegedly threatened Kirkpatrick with violence over the weekend. He was arrested by North Las Vegas police on a felony charge of threatening a public officer.

What will happen to Brooks is an open question, but legislative lawyers are looking into whether the Assembly could simply refuse to allow him to be seated in Carson City with the rest of his colleagues when the Legislature convenes Feb. 4. Another option would be for the Assembly to hold a vote — which requires two-thirds or 28 members — to expel Brooks from the body. Based on his brief comments during the interview, however, it doesn’t appear that he intends to resign from his seat.

In the meantime, Kirkpatrick remains under the protection of Capitol Police.





9 Responses to “Brooks: ‘I’m innocent’”

  1. Switch parties eh? He’s welcome in the Nevada and Clark GOP. We could always use one more gun-toting clown. He will need to take a safety course first though.

  2. Steve says:

    Correction Steve, he was arrested by Metro and held in CCDC.
    Carey and Mt. Hood is outside NLV jurisdiction.
    Had he been stopped in NLV his loaded weapon would have been an added violation.

    This could have been much worse, so far its only frayed nerves but it appears Steven Brooks is about to provide you pundits with plenty of side show entertainment.

  3. Steve says:

    OK this really bugs me. I know Mt. Hood and Carey is miles outside of NLV and the Metro chopper was in the air for sure Saturday. I live in the area. I never see NLV police here, its always Metro. I see your link and it appears to be NLV doing the arrest. But I know its Metro’s jurisdiction. This is Sunrise Manor not NLV.

  4. Steve says:

    Note this is not to take apart your story, its a question. Who actually pulled him over? Was it NLV or Metro or both? I know the Metro chopper was flying over that intersection for a very long time Saturday.
    Being pulled over outside NLV negates the city gun violation but I am confused as to jurisdiction.
    I do remember NLV was to use CCDC during their economic troubles and close the NLV jail so that is also a bit muddy.
    Currently the Justice court is offline doing an upgrade so we cannot see anything about him in the blackstone system either.

  5. Steve says:

    Many thanks be to you sir, I did not know NLV can operate outside jurisdiction.
    You have cleared it up.

  6. Steve says:

    Good report on 8. Hopefully for Nevada this is the most controversial thing that happens in the next 4 months! Sorry about that, I know a boring session could stink for reporters.

  7. Mr Ed says:

    well good job getting the interview, but high levels of mercury from the mining industry and coal burning have caused Nevada politicians to do nutty things. Herrera Collins Ensign, etc etc,