Who could Reid possibly be talking about?

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid tonight lamented the decision, announced earlier today, of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to withdraw her name from consideration for secretary of state. Here’s what he had to say:

“Ambassador Rice is eminently qualified to serve as Secretary of State and she could have been confirmed by the Senate. The politically-motivated attacks on her character from some of my Republican colleagues were shameful. Based on her impressive career and accomplishments as a Rhodes Scholar, a top official in the State Department and our Ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Rice deserved far more respect than she was shown by certain Senate Republicans. Their behavior was a disgrace to the Senate’s tradition of bipartisan cooperation on national security issues, and beneath the stature of senators with otherwise distinguished records on national security. I hope that moving forward, senators will act based on fact-finding and serving the public interest, not advancing partisan political agendas or settling old scores.

 ”I believe Ambassador Rice should continue to help steer our nation’s foreign policy, as she has done so successfully, and I look forward to continuing to work with her.”

Now, I’m not sure who Reid could be talking about here, but I think that perhaps he might have been referring to Arizona Sen. John McCain, who made a personal crusade out of attacking Rice in the wake of the attack on the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya, that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stephens. McCain vowed to oppose Rice’s nomination to secretary of state, after she used intelligence community talking points in testimony about the attacks that later turned out to be inaccurate.

Reid and McCain have had a strained relationship. When McCain ran for president, Reid said he didn’t think McCain had the temperament for the job. And Reid has rejected McCain’s request to form a select committee to investigate the Benghazi matter, calling it the politicization of national security.

5 Responses to “Who could Reid possibly be talking about?”

  1. Steve says:

    Nah, she just took one in the gut for the President. Think Ollie North.

  2. ColinFromLasVegas says:

    Senator Reid was specifically talking about Senators Ayotte, Graham and McCain.

    You ask me, the Tea/Republican Party has now sunk to new lows. All polls show they are more interested in politics. Rather than the country. And they damn sure only care about money. Not people.

    Perhaps they can tout this as a victory, but it comes at an incredible cost to their party. Ambassador Rice actually comes out the hero in all this, her reputation stellar and intact. And Ayotte, Graham and McCain all end up looking like incompetent bullies and insufferable assholes. Especially McCain. Because his solution always to every damn thing that goes wrong in the world is to arm the rebels or clamor for American invasion of yet another foreign country….for no earthly reason. And he NEVER backs away from an opportunity to attack President Obama and his entire administration…even if he has make up something.

    Another nail in the coffin for the ridiculous and desperate attempts by the Tea/Republican Party to try to stay in some kind of power and command some kind of presence of rationality. Yet again, they came up short and ending up failing abysmally.

    They will end up in total irrelevance if they keep going the way they’re going.

    Or maybe I should say irrelephants.

  3. Vince Latona says:

    “… Ambassador Rice is eminently qualified to serve as Secretary of State and she could have been confirmed by the Senate…”

    YES – WHO can the ‘eminent’ Reid be talking about ? Clearly Reid is not in his right mind. Is this the same Ms. Rice who openly lied about Benghazi ? A idiot with NO knowledge of the situation would know that that attack was a planned event. Even the terrorists don’t carry around Rocket Propelled Grenades ‘just in case.’ Should we believe that the US military is that stupid and didn’t know about the attack – and Rice can blame YouTube?

    Can Reid be talking about himself when he openly ‘lied’ about Mitt Romney not paying taxes for 10 years. Like the IRS would have let that happen.

    So…exactly who is Reid talking about ? Based on his statement of “distinguished records.” That is a total joke.

  4. Steve says:

    Yeah Colin they are so irrelevant that Susan Rice jumped under the bus for the administration.

  5. Jerry Sturdivant says:

    The weak and the feeble are still chanting the same old song: “Susan Rice (must have) lied. She should have (made some wild guesses and) rejected the information she was given to pass on. She should have just made up a story to give all the Sunday News shows. The very shows that demanded to know ‘Something, anything.’”

    Along with defending “No Gun Laws,” you right winger have found yourself on the wrong side of yet another issue. Republicans are becoming an irreverent party and will lose everything next election.