A status quo election

Looking back, did we really need to have this election?

Did we really need to spend an estimated $5.8 billion and more than two years on this?

Because in the end, not much changed.

The House of Representatives is still controlled by Republicans. The Senate is still controlled by Democrats. Our own Harry Reid will continue as majority leader, facing off with House Speaker John Boehner.

And, of course, Barack Obama is still president of the United States.

Even some of the issues haven’t changed: Will the George W. Bush-era tax cuts be extended for everyone, including the more well-off? Will we raise the debt ceiling next year?

All the factors that contributed to the gridlock of the last four years are still in place. Is there any reason to think they will suddenly change because the American people decisively re-elected Obama to the presidency?

Not really.

Here in Nevada, it was the same: Democrats beat back some strong challenges to retain control of the state Senate by the exact same margin they control it now 11-10. Democrats will keep control of the Assembly, too, although they narrowly lost their future speaker, Marcus Conklin, in a close race.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval will still wield a veto pen in Carson City.

It’s doubtful that anybody on the conservative side will look at the election results and conclude that Americans selected the Democratic framing of the race — “we’re all in this together” — and rejected the Republican alternative. It’s doubtful that they’ll suddenly embrace Obama’s agenda, including his jobs program. And it’s just as unlikely that Obama will consider his victory a begrudging second chance from an American public weary of fighting and searching for compromise and progress on vexing issues.

In other words, we’re right back where we were when we started the campaign, minus the annoying super-PAC ads.




2 Responses to “A status quo election”

  1. Jerry Sturdivant says:

    It is not the status quo; not by a long shot. You continue to under underestimate the black guy from south Chicago with the funny name. The guy that went to Harvard; got a law degree; became a professor; ran The Law Review; got elected to the Senate; then the Presidency of the United States; then reelected.

    You think nothing will happen? The Affordable Care Act will happen; as will Dodd-Frank’s Wall Street reform; as will tax increases that are already law. You voted in change – in progress. Obama and the Democrats are the boss now. The Republicans screwed up by letting Democrats lead them into the “Fiscal Cliff.” It severely cut’s defense spending and the Republican’s bread and butter is money from the Military Industrial Complex. They are already calling their Republican Congressman and telling them to make the deal. Any deal. Stand by for accelerated growth.

  2. Steve says:

    With the fiscal cliff approaching at a pace to make all DC shudder with horror, the very same power structure that was getting nothing done in the last two years will now have to find ways to work together.

    This country handed DC its collective ass. Work together or jump first you bunch of “”"”"

    I would like to gently remind everyone I was predicting THREE YEARS AGO, CONTINUOUSLY, that Obama would be reelected.