Did not know that

By now, everybody knows that Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock thinks abortion restrictions should have no exceptions for rape. In other words, he thinks rape victims should be forced to carry their attacker’s child to term. He’s been condemned for that view.

But I didn’t know Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan had once said he shared that view. But that’s what you hear in this video from President Barack Obama‘s campaign:

Unquestionably, the no-abortion-under-any-circumstances philosophy is a consistent one: If a person believes life begins at conception, then all abortion is murder, regardless of how a woman became pregnant. But the application of that philosophy — women forced to endure pregnancies from rape or incest or both — is truly an awful thing.

And, apparently, something a growing number of people in the mainstream Republican Party embrace.



4 Responses to “Did not know that”

  1. Carolyn Robins says:

    It’s really frightening to realize that a major political party has swung so far to the right and that the moderates are willing to ignore the extremism in order to get votes.

  2. Jerry Sturdivant says:

    And just think; in the vast majority of states, the rapist get Parental Visitation Rights to the child he caused during the rape. How would you like to be that mother; handing over your child to your rapist?

  3. ColinFromLasVegas says:

    Enjoyed the article, Mr. Sebelius. The incredibly stupid thing is both Romney and Ryan and their inability to say anything about it. They are essentially running away from the press. The longer they do that, the more it looks like they agree with Mourdock. Really dumb way to run a campaign less than two weeks from election.

    Today, I saw a large vehicle on Tropicana over by UNLV that had a sticker on the back.

    It said….


    Next to “ASS” was a picture of Romney.

    BOO YAH. I let out a loud laugh upon seeing it. So far, that’s the best campaign sticker I’ve seen so far.

  4. Ed says:

    taliban ideas from the Republiklans, what else is new?