No! Wrong! Don’t do it!

Suddenly, the interwebnettubes are ablaze with advice for presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney about how he should talk about his faith with the voters. Politico had a piece about it this morning, and Jacques Berlinerblau has a piece on the Washington Post website about it as well.

Both pieces, to some extent, urge Romney to be more open about discussing his faith with voters, which he’s thus far seemed reluctant to do.

But that’s the wrong advice, for many reasons, not least of which is that Romney has already given the perfect answer to the faith-and-politics question. He did it in October here at the Review-Journal editorial board, site of his infamous “hit bottom” remark about home foreclosures.

Asked about the role his faith would play in his public life, Romney simply responded that his faith makes him honest and gives him the desire to serve others. But when it comes to making day-to-day decisions as president, the doctrines of any particular church don’t come into play.

That’s what he should say on the trail, too. And while it’s sad and disappointing that some voters will choose not to vote for him because he’s a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, campaigning on faith to get votes is worse. It would be nice to think we’re moving toward a society where a person’s intelligence, experience, qualifications and skills–not their personal beliefs about God–are the key factors in choosing a leader. The sooner the candidates help us get to that place, the better off we’ll all be.





8 Responses to “No! Wrong! Don’t do it!”

  1. JFK put this issue to rest Campaign1960 at the Bishops convention, thus Romney needs no explanation about his faith

  2. Chandler Chandler says:

    JFK wasn’t a Roman Catholic Bishop. Mormon Bishop Romney has already stated he places his faith ahead of his patriotism. Yes, THAT is an issue.

  3. Chandler: I’m not aware of Romney making any such remark. Can you point me to a link. (If he–or anybody, for that matter–said such a thing, then, yes, it would be an issue.) But I can only tell you what he said in my presence when he was asked about it, which is what I’ve reported here.

  4. Steve says:

    Chandler proving AM right wing radio is no better than AM left wing radio. Or any wing media for that matter.

  5. Do they have AM left-wing radio? I thought it was only NPR, which is FM.

  6. Steve says:

    I truly do not know Steve, I listen to radio for music. Jack FM left the stage and AM talk is encroaching. Hell I can’t stand the am laugh-a-thons on most of the “music” radio stations.

    Don’t even think I look at FOX News I don’t have cable or pizza pan dish and prism is not available on my street (every where around me sure, just not my effin street!). So I watch rented blurays, local OTA and read. Makes me an old/new fashioned kind of guy I guess.

  7. Mike says:

    Lately there has been much said about “Romney said this” and all of them either never happened, or we’re chopped and spun so as to remove context. There are a few crazy Mormons that are worried about Mitt because he won’t put the faith first. They are in a minority. I agree with you Steve. Let’s focus on the economy and the race. If people want to know about Mormons, coincidently they send out young men and women to help you learn about that!

  8. ColinFromLasVegas says:

    Enjoyed the article, Mr. Sebelius.

    My decision for not voting for Mr. Romney is not based on his affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    It’s basically because all indications show that, if he becomes President, he fully intends to run this nation like a corporation.

    All the indications are there for anyone to plainly see.

    During this Tea/Republican Party brutal primary so far, in every single State, Mr. Romney won HANDS DOWN every group of voters who made $100,000.00 or more. He won by landslides over the other candidates. It’s now the truth. The rich have their candidate. And everyone else needs to fall in line.

    Second thing that disturbs me (and probably other voters out here) is the fact that we have only seen snippets of what his policies are. And when he is asked specifics about certain things, he gives out vague generalities, deflections and outright evasion. He will tell the rich one thing; then tell everyone else something else.

    Third thing has just surfaced recently. Now that he knows to his very soul that he is the front runner, he has started blatant propaganda spouting. He has went on this mission to attack the Democrats for everything his own dumb political party has done (or is doing). The average Americans are watching this and I guarantee you they are scratching their heads in confusion, rolling their eyes and going, “Oh crap. There he goes again….”

    Fourth, and this is most disturbing to me, Mr. Romney has surrounded himself with people from the former President Bush’s staff. Especially in the are of foreign policy. One thing that is certain is that these staff people are virtually unhireable. Because of Bush Jr’s. total and abysmal failure. And Romney hires them?

    It all adds up to the simple straight forward fact that Mr. Romney is nothing but a one percenter. And he will only take care of fellow one percenters. He is nothing but a ruthless, heartless bastard of a corporate executive.

    To prove my point, answer me these questions: If he becomes President, what is he going to do about the very, very poor and/or the physically disabled who are unable to work? Is he going to hand them a pink slip and fire all of them for being unproductive?

    Romney is good at attacking President Obama. Which is fine. But we see nothing of any policies he has as alternatives. Other than to go back to the failure Bush years and the verified fact he will only take care of the rich…at the expense of everyone else.

    Religion don’t mean anything when dealing with Romney. He could be a Scientologist or a follower of Swami Yogi Guru Gupta The Magnificent or a witch doctor who builds bonfires, dances naked around them and throws chicken bones around for all I care. The religion angle don’t amount to a hill of beans when making a decision as important as electing a President of the United States of America.

    Everything adds up to this guy would destroy the middle class to feed the insatiable rich even more if given the chance.

    Religion don’t fit into the equation. Corporate greed does though. That’s all Romney knows.

    I don’t want this guy anywhere near the White House (except to visit).

    My minds already made up. President Obama for another four years.