Cain: The new Sharron Angle?

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, made some remarks that are eerily similar to those once uttered by failed Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle. Here’s some of what he said from the interview with CBN’s David Brody:

God’s been in this from the beginning because when I first started to feel that I needed to consider running I did a lot of praying. I felt like Moses when God said, ‘I want you to go into Egypt and lead my people out.’ Moses resisted. I resisted. Moses said you got the wrong person. You can’t be talking about me.

I had these conversations with God in terms of, ‘Lord, I’ve done a lot of things but are you sure? But you shouldn’t question God. You should just make sure that’s the message.

God has been in this since the beginning and my staff and I we say that all the time. There are certain things that happen along this journey that they couldn’t happen unless God was in it. I know that for a fact because of my life long faith.

Sound familiar? It should, if you followed the Angle race. Here’s what Angle told Ralph Reed for his Faith and Freedom Coalition website back in July 2010 (linked, with video, at Huffington Post):

I believe that God has been in this from the beginning and because of that when he has a plan and a purpose for your life and you fit into that, what he calls you to he always equipped you for.

And Angle also compared herself to Moses (as well as Jesus and St. Paul) in her own interview with Brody on CBN:

When God calls you he also equips you and He doesn’t just say well today you’re going to run against Harry Reid. There is a preparation. Everyone in the Bible when you read the Bible you can see that preparatory time. Moses has his preparatory time. Paul had his preparatory time. Even Jesus had his preparatory time and so my preparation began on a school board.

Now, there are significant differences between Angle and Cain. He’s a successful businessman who has run companies including Godfather’s Pizza. He’s been the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. And he’s worked as a ballistics mathematician for the U.S. Navy as a civilian employee and a radio talk-show host.

Angle, by contrast, served on a school board and in the Nevada Assembly, and has since made a business out of running for office, never successfully. She’s currently hawking her self-published book on a tour with the Tea Party Express. (Whoops — another similarity: Cain is also hawking his book while campaigning!)

6 Responses to “Cain: The new Sharron Angle?”

  1. Steve P says:

    Should not be surprising candidates talk religion on CBN. C’mon Steve this is a non issue. Now if Cain or Angle went on secular TV and made these statements you would have a story.

  2. ed hamilton says:

    steve, u ever said anything bad about liberals ?

  3. If I am a liberal, Ed, would you be surprised if I didn’t have very much bad to say about them? But the answer is, yes, I have criticized politicians from all across the political spectrum for various things, which even a casual reader of my work would know.

  4. Steve P says:

    I certainly do, Steve. I pointed that out quite clearly on a blog post just a few below!

    Now if you have not traveled roads outside Vegas then maybe Cain is right you should get a clue.

    Travel MA for a while then complain about the roads here dude.

  5. Steve P says:

    I gve you this Steve. You sure know the level of intelligence out here. Scary.

  6. Steve P says:

    Alternet Steve? I was saying this before she wrote that.

    “This created a media dustup that was silly even by the usual standards of ever-sillier mainstream media campaign coverage.”

    I do disagree with her assertion that religion is to remain out of government, the idea was to protect religion from government. All forms of religion. Today we are bypassing that protection with your’s and the rest of the media’s help and you are blindly choosing “Christianity” over all the others. (Quotes because the US form of Chritianity is not what the rest of the world thinks it is.)

    Also don’t worry the “hater tots” started posting just as soon as the website came back up. You should take a look at just who the first ones are. They just happen to be readers that define you and your politics, by perception sir.