The transformation of Steve Ross

Anybody who’s followed Las Vegas politics knows that Councilman Steve Ross is a Democrat, and a big union supporter. Not only was Ross a union member, he actually stood for election to a position as secretary-treasurer of the Southern Nevada Building and Construction Trades Council. (That actually landed him in hot water with the state Ethics Commission, although Ross maintains to this day he did nothing wrong.)

Currently, Ross is the executive director of the District Council 15 Labor Management Cooperative Committee. So it’s not too far a stretch when Ross describes himself as a “working man,” in his news releases. Perhaps “union boss” would have been more accurate, but who’s to quibble?

But now, Ross is morphing into something else entirely. A conservative!

Check out Ross’s self-identification in this flier:

He sure looks conservative in that photo! The flier depicts Ross with a shotgun at the shooting park (very nice; conservatives love the Second Amendment), playing with kids (family values!) and touring a construction project that may or may not be the new Smith Center for the Performing Arts (well, half good: conservatives like building things, but aren’t too cool with publicly subsidized arts projects). On the back, we see Ross and his family going to church (with all his sons in ties!).

Ross touts endorsements from the National Rifle Association and Nevada Concerned Citizens in the flier, which certainly testify to a conservative’s bona fides. And there’s a quote form something called the Las Vegas Conservative Examiner, which appears to be a website.

OK, so Ross has gone from “working man” to “conservative.” It’s a stretch, but he’s none quite finished yet. Check this flier out:

Bam! Ross has evolved to incorporate his “working man” and “conservative” personas into a single entity! Inside this flier, we see that Ross opposes prostitution in Las Vegas, is a lifetime member of the NRA, can shoot a gun, look good on a construction site in a hard hat and orange safety vest and once shot a photo behind a desk in an office with a really nice view of the valley.

Now the part about him “cutting taxes and spending and weeding out waste” might surprise some who know that Ross was Mayor Oscar Goodman‘s strongest supporter when it came to building a new City Hall, in a complex financial deal that we’re told will be good for taxpayers. Ross maintains the project is good for creating jobs, but that sounds downright Keynesian to me, and as we all know, Keynes was no conservative. Or a working man.

Plus, isn’t the conservative position to shrink government and let the private sector lead the way toward economic growth? There are candidates in the race (hello, George Harris) who have called for suspending business license fees to encourage businesses to set up shop in Las Vegas. Or how about attacking the allegedly bloated public employee unions for their generous salary-and-benefits packages? That would seem to be the conservative approach to City Hall, wouldn’t it? (To be fair, Ross’s job plan would extend “tax credits to businesses that hire new workers,” although it’s not entirely clear how many state-imposed taxes the city can credit.)

Anyway, it’s too bad the election is on Tuesday, because if it had gone on another week or so, there’s no telling what the next flier would have shown: Ultra-conservative working man Steve Ross is thinking about requiring burkas for downtown prostitutes, whom he totally opposes by the way! Alas, we will never know.


2 Responses to “The transformation of Steve Ross”

  1. Chandler L says:

    And he went on the record, when it was totally unnecessary, to say he was for the repeal of the Nevada Domestiv Partnership Registry. Another Crypto Teabagger with a Democratic Party Card. Miserable prick.

  2. Sherri says:

    Steve Ross is, and has always been a election cycle chameleon; running ugly, nasty campaigns, yet touting his credentials as a family oriented, Church loving man. His Napoleonic nature shines through in every mail piece and, worse, each and every time his constituents dare to express an opinion that differs with his. He is openly dismissive of others and bad-mouths those he sees as opponents at every turn. Someday the unions will wake up and realize that the only job he cares about is his own, and stop helping this angry little man get elected.